The site

New to the Street seeks to serve as introduction to the vast, complex, and competitive world of finance, in a way that everyone can understand. A launch pad of sorts, this guide only scratches the surface of the financial system and how you can capitalize on it. With a specific focus on stock, ETFs, derivatives, futures, bonds, and maybe a few CDOs (just kidding, that’s so 2008), this guide will aim to teach you everything you need to know to compile a portfolio, profit from it, and why that joke was funny.

The author

On a cool spring day in 1999, our young hero Elijah Dietrich was fortunately unfortunate enough to be born in the city that records temperatures colder than mars, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 14 years later, he discovered the stock market online. Intrigued, he learnt as much as he could about it before he discovered a company he believed to be profitable, and then begged his mother to open an investment account for him at the local bank so he could place the trade. Due to complications with the IRS and citizenship, his account was immediately closed and the stock tanked. After that lovely introduction to the stock market, Elijah became preoccupied with school and took a short hiatus from investing. Now, while in the International Baccalaureate program at his high school, he has decided to fulfill his goal of learning to profit from trading and investing, and figured making a guide of how to do so would serve as a good reference for himself and a great introduction for like-minded individuals looking to immerse themselves in this exciting world, too. When he isn’t blogging and trading, he presides over his school’s environmental action committee, works front-of-house at a steakhouse, rows, and runs.